1870 Lampard Road


1870 Lampard Road

1870 Lampard Road is a modern 1800 square foot home with 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, a full kitchen with modern appliances and an island. We have two queen size beds and one full size bed. Additional sleeping accommodations by request. We have an artist's studio in the house with supplies, drafting desk, and easel available to you. There's also a large deck facing south toward San Juan Valley and the Olympics. Part of our 5 acre pacel is dedicated to an orchard. You are free to picnic, play, and harvest fruit there.

We have games galore! Badminton, croquet, Bocce Ball, and more. And we have kites that can be a pile of fun out in the big field.

That field, where the orchard is, is completely fenced in. It's a great play yard for children.

Part of the attractiveness of our location is our dead end road. Read more about Lampard Road below.

Lampard Road
Lampard Road is a narrow, dead-end, country road that ends near our property. The road is a favorite for local walkers and hikers because of the spectacular views and the light traffic. The road serves about 14 residences and traffic at the dead-end, in front of our property, is negligible.


You can view a detailed map of Lampard Road here . You might enjoy overlaying satellite imagery on this map (click on the down arrow to the right of "Base Map"- at the bottom of the insert - and select the satellite style). See the blue placemarkers? If you click on them, you'll get a description and, sometimes, a picture of the road at that location.


This house is our family home. We live in it when you are not here. Our personal belongings, while not obvious, will be found in various closets, drawers, and cupboards. There will, however, be ample room for your belongings, too!

We have two cats that look forward to greeting you - one will seek your attention but the other is very shy. Both have been around children all their lives and are very predictable.

Finally, and adding much color to our property are two young kayak guides. They stay in a small studio that is basically out of sight from the house. They are busy leading multiday trips but if you are lucky enough to encounter them, they will be great local resources about our natural environment.


Questions? Call (360) 378-6144 or email info@1870Lampard.com

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